Fortaleza Capital exclusive corporate finance adviser to on the sale to Bonsema Verpakking

Fortaleza Capital is pleased to announce it acted as exclusive corporate finance adviser to the owners of on the sale of the company to Bonsema Verpakking.

About, based in Groningen (The Netherlands), has a 25 year track record in the production of customised corrugated cardboard folding boxes, die-cut boxes and mail boxes for SMEs. Order size is highly flexible and ranges from 1 box to 100,000 boxes. Customers can easily calculate and order customised boxes through the online and proprietary box configurator on the company’s website. Through this intuitive and versatile webshop it is easy to choose desired box specifications including box type, dimensions, desired quantities, cardboard quality, cardboard colour and handles, inlays, interiors and divisions.

Boxes can be printed in one or two colours as well as in full colour. As required, the Company offers its customers additional services such as designing, drawing and producing sample copies. In addition to customised boxes, supplies a wide range of standardised corrugated stock boxes and offers a range of packaging materials including tape, kraft paper and wrapping film. Custom orders are delivered within 5 to 10 business days and stock products within 1 to 3 business days. distinguishes itself through its high level of expertise, extensive market knowledge and long-term track record, creativity, complete product range, short lead times and innovative capacity.

Gertjan Pathuis and Margreet Pathuis, founders and owners of jointly stated: “After exactly 25 years of entrepreneurship we have opted for a better balance between work and private life. An extensive strategic review of potential buyers has led to selling our company to Bonsema Verpakking. Bonsema Verpakking has been a well-known name in packaging for over 100 years and, just like, quality and service are of paramount importance to them. With Bonsema Verpakking we are convinced that our longstanding reputation for high product quality and an excellent service level are safeguarded”.

About Bonsema Verpakking: Bonsema Verpakking, established in 1917, is a family-owned packaging wholesaler. Over time, the company has specialised in the supply of packaging materials to industry and business, supplying a broad range of packaging including cardboard folding boxes, packaging foil, waste bags, moving boxes, adhesive tape, tape to air-cushion envelopes and carrier bags. The acquisition of constitutes a further extension of Bonsema Verpakking’s product range.

The brand name ‘’ and the website will be maintained under the new ownership. In February 2020, all of’s employees will move to the new premises of Bonsema Verpakking in Kolham (province of Groningen). Both Gertjan Pathuis and Margreet Pathuis will continue working at the company.

About Fortaleza Capital: Fortaleza Capital is an independent corporate finance advisory firm focused on three sectors: Packaging & Paper/Board; Recycling, Waste Management & Energy; and Services, Media & Technology. In these sectors, we have built a solid track record and have developed an intricate and ever-growing network of senior executives and industry experts, allowing us to realise added value for our clients.

We are truly Packaging & Paper/Board sector specialists and our team members have a collective track record of more than 90 years in this industry. Our extensive experience in managing complex transaction settings allows us to assess assignments in the Packaging & Paper/Board sector in a strategic and practical context. We understand the opportunities and challenges that reign throughout the value chain and have an unparalleled network in the Dutch packaging market.

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