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ABOUT Fortaleza Capital

Fortaleza Capital is an independent corporate finance advisory firm focused on assignments within the fields of M&A Advisory and Corporate Advisory. The business was founded with a clear vision of how to best support our clients’ needs for a focused view, strategic advice and reliable execution services.

We strive to find the optimal solution for our clients tailored to the specific requirements of a situation, driven by our central tenets of competent judgment, strong sector knowledge, relevant experience and accurate analysis. Timeliness, agility, integrity and professionalism are critical components to our proposition.

Our priority is to develop long-running and sustainable relationships with clients where we become a regular sparring partner on strategic matters.


In our effort to provide the best advice, we pride ourselves on being independent and free of obligations toward other internal or external stakeholders.

Our approach entails professional handling of confidential information, not misrepresenting reality, being reliable and transparent in our intentions and actions, and forming well-founded and independent opinions.

Our advice strives to be unbiased and based on a long-term perspective on what we believe is in our client’s interests.

We focus on three sectors: Packaging & Paper/Board; Recycling, Waste Management & Energy; and Services, Media & Technology.

In these sectors, we have built a solid track record and have developed an intricate and evergrowing network of senior executives and industry experts.

Our services within these sectors are further sharpened through our exclusive focus on M&A Advisory and Corporate Advisory services.

Our solutions our developed by driving straight to the heart of a matter, not on convoluted analyses.

As required, we form a dedicated team to advise on a particular situation, consisting of experienced corporate finance experts in The Netherlands and internationally with whom we have established long-term working relationships.

Importantly, we oftentimes add seasoned industry executives and experts to our advisory teams. which have first-hand, germane experience within the relevant sector.

We organise ourselves in teams in order to combine relevant experience and skill sets in a flexible, no-nonsense way that is tailored to the particular situation.

Achieving the most favourable outcome for our clients requires full “hands-on” involvement and commitment from our advisers throughout a transaction process, from inception to completion.

We set ourselves apart through commitment of senior advisers that are always actively engaged, from the commencement of an assignment throughout project execution.


Fortaleza Capital develops singular added value in corporate finance assignments by concentrating on two fields of advisory services: M&A Advisory and Corporate Advisory.

M&A Advisory

M&A Advisory

Typical M&A Advisory situations where Fortaleza Capital adds value include:

  • Sell side: Divestments
  • Buy-side: Acquisitions
  • Management Buy-Outs (MBOs)/Management Buy-Ins (MBIs)
  • Valuation work and fairness opinions
  • Public offers and bid defences
  • Strategic reviews and board papers
  • Stakeholder representation
  • Navigating conflicting stakeholder interests

Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory

For corporate clients with an active M&A agenda we offer:

  • Strategic and market analyses
  • Target screening and pipeline monitoring
  • Analysis and valuation work
  • Fairness opinions
  • Board communication and supporting materials
  • Coordination of execution work and due diligence
  • Procurement of credit financing


Fortaleza Capital focuses on three sectors: Packaging & Paper/Board; Recycling, Waste Management & Energy; and Services, Media & Technology.

In these sectors, we have built a solid track record and have developed an intricate and evergrowing network of senior executives and industry experts, allowing us to realise added value for our clients.

• Packaging & Paper/Board; Recycling

• Waste Management & Energy

• Services, Media & Technology


With on average more than 25 years of experience in doing deals and managing companies in an entrepreneurial way. Fortaleza Capital’s partners have been involved in numerous M&A Advisory and Corporate Advisory assignments.


Alexander van Rossum, founder of Fortaleza Capital, has gained broad M&A advisory experience in the Dutch market across multiple sectors/clients groups, including Trade & Industry (e.g., packaging & paper/board, waste management, energy production/distribution), Services (e.g., contact centres, educational services, energy services), Public Domain (e.g., network owners, public equity stakes in companies) and Private Equity firms.

His heart lies in finding the optimal solution for clients through combining his interest in people and network of industry experts with a desire to develop long-lasting client relationships.

Alexander holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University (Stanford, California) and an MSc in Business Economics from Erasmus University (Rotterdam, The Netherlands).

In his spare time, Alexander enjoys practising sports including Tai Chi Chuan and strength training.

Chris de Vries


Chris worked as an accountant, management consultant, and merger and acquisition consultant for one of the “big four” firms in the Netherlands and Belgium. As financial director of the waste division of GDF SUEZ he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions in the period of 1996-2002. Since 1999 he works as an independent corporate finance consultant and valuation specialist.

In his career Chris was engaged in more than 300 M&A projects including more than 100 valuation assignments.

Chris de Vries MSc RV studied accountancy at NIVRA-Nyenrode in the period 1986-1992. In 2007 and 2008 he studied Business Valuation at Erasmus Rotterdam School of Management. Since 2008, he registered as NIRV Register Valuator. He received the Executive Master of Business Valuation degree from TiasNimbas Business School in 2014.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys sports, strength training and latin culture.

Peter van Leeuwen


Peter van Leeuwen has worked in commercial management positions ‒ most recently as managing director ‒ at Van der Windt Group and PACOMBI GROUP, a leading Netherlands-based group of distributors of packaging products and materials.

In his career, Peter has gained a broad international experience with purchasing, sales and marketing of packaging and disposables. As director, Peter has been involved in many mergers and acquisitions between 1989 and 2016. Since July 2016, founded the company Never2Late and works as an independent consultant and packaging specialist.

After pre-university education, Peter studied sales, marketing, management and strategic skills at ISW (NIMA) and Nyenrode Business University.

In his free time, Peter enjoys supporting Ronald McDonald Huis Sophia, playing golf, reading, art history, music, cooking and wines.

Dirk Schut


Dirk Schut has a long track record within the Paper & Packaging Industry, allowing him to develop a broad knowledge base and extensive experience in international business, sales & marketing and (general) management within the sector. In the last 10 years, these were extended and deepened through entrepreneurship as CEO and shareholder of solid board manufacturer SolidPack.

Dirk led ‒ and participated in ‒ the Management Buy Out of SolidPack by its management and an external private investor in 2006 and the sale-on of SolidPack to VPK Packaging Group in 2017. Personal participation and involvement in acquisitions and divestments have in this way become a natural part of his knowledge, skills and interest.

Before SolidPack, Dirk held various senior management positions including at Meerssen & Palm (Gelderse Papier Groep), Schut Paper and De Naeyer Paper. He also holds various board positions including as Board member at Koninklijke VNP (Association of Dutch Paper and cardboard producers), the association of 19 paper and cardboard manufacturers based in The Netherlands.

Dirk holds an MSc in Business Economics from Groningen University (Groningen, The Netherlands).

In his spare time, Dirk enjoys playing hockey and skiing.


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